Wednesday, August 21, 2013

 School Shopping for Me!!!

Well this time of year I get as excited as the children.  Clothes, and especially the goodies I found on TpT this time. I'm very excited to use my purchases. 
It's time to shop, so any reason to grab a new bag, dress, or shoe has to be great.  My only dilemma now is that I still have post baby weight five weeks after of course.  So what is a young mommy/teacher to do.   I shopped :-).  Unfortunately shopping these days in the department store and having to stop and nurse is something I haven't gotten use to yet honestly.  I feel more comfortable at home, so its always a drive by shopping run.
I did manage to shop online of course for the classroom (WAY BEYOND WHAT THEY GIVE), myself and the children.  WOW the children!!!! I'm still getting used to having two daughters.  I must confess - on my nephew's birthday card yesterday I forgot to sign my LO's name. :-(  Yet I don't forget to add anything in the cart for her.
I managed to order things from Macy's, Kohl's, The Limited, and The Gap and Old Navy for the girls.  ( The Gap for me too)  Of course I found wonderful sale items however I wonder what else is better out there in cyberspace!  I may be done for now; however I would love to hear from you.
Where do you find your items for school?  What online stores?

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

 It has been FOREVER!!!!

Hello to all reading this post.  I know I have been gone for a while so much to do, and not enough time to blog.  Well for starters...
I am a new mommy to a beautiful keep me busy and up all night 2 weeks and 6 days old little girl!!!! YAY!  This in itself is busy you moms out there know.  Before I could blog because I felt uncomfortable everywhere I sat, just dog on miserable; and now I cant get a minute to myself to read email.  So I hope I can at least blog a couple times a week.
School is approaching I still have a couple of weeks, and the bad thing is that I haven't been as mobile, so I am doing a lot of shopping online.  I love to shop online- but let's see how this goes.  I'd rather find the deals in the store.  Oh how I loved and enjoyed store hopping and grabbing deals and sales; now when I sneak out I am trying to hurry up before the baby awakens from her nap because my lovely GUY can't feed her.  That will become another task weaning her off maybe before school returns.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

 Very busy and then came Sandy!

Hey Blogger Buddies!
I have been a very bad blogger lately.  I am fairly new to this, and I thought by now that I would have it under my wing; however the time has gotten the best of me. 
For the last 3 weeks I have been swamped with classroom housekeeping, professional development, and lets not forget motherhood.  My daughter is three and I still feel sleep deprived at times.  We moms wear so many hats, and add the teacher's hat you become a mom instantly to many others.
Then earlier this week Sandy hit my area.  We are OK thankfully, yet many have flooded basements, streets, and homes.  Transportation is to a minimum.  This is one time that I am glad that I drive in this city.  Then school had been out for the last three days and for the next two.  So I am on an unplanned vacation and I left the building without any work barely.
I will really work harder from now on to do better.  I love my new blog I thought that would definitely make me stay tuned, but I fell off bad.  I haven't even blogger stalked how I use to.  Well luckily I have been doing a bit of creating.  My little girl turns 4 soon, and that had honestly taken much of my time.  Minnie Mouse themed party here we go!!!!!!  I will be pulling my hair out soon.
I have been preparing a 5th grade math task card bundle. 
Question: How many math tasks do you have your class complete within one math block or workshop?

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Monday, October 1, 2012

 Week 5

This wss a better Monday, and we began week 5 off with a great start.  Tomorrow we have testing (not state) just a post test and a pre test for Math.  At the beginning of each topic we give a pre test , and then after the topic has been taught the post test is given.  We're ending Decimals, and beginning Multiplying Whole Numbers.
It's a headached but we can see the pattern of errors early and where the student is not meeting standard.  So tomorrow will be a very long and boring math day.  I will be actively watching the students, and finishing charts that I began earlier today.  Thanks to the Ginger Snaps , those anchor chart ideas were great and refreshing.
Take a look at Ginger Snaps page, they are too cute!  The link is above.
This weeks foci will be on the new common core instructional shifts in mathematics- FOCUS, COHERENCY, FLUENCY, DEEPER UNDERSTANDING, APPLICATION, and DUAL INTENSITY. I will post about these shifts later on this week; however I love how the state puts a new name to what have already done in the classroom for years. :-)

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Saturday, September 29, 2012


Oh my goodness!!!
I just love it! Thanks to the magical work of Barb from Grade Onderful who designs beautiful blogs at Ruby Slippers Blog Designs.  Oh my when you get a chance check her out spread the word.
This has been a great experience, with the best time frame possible.  Barbara does exactly what you ask and has great ideas an Viola!
 I am super excited about my blog makeover, so I will be more inclined to post more often just so I can look at it afterwards.
What do you think -if you've seen it before the magic?

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