Wednesday, August 21, 2013

School Shopping for Me!!!

Well this time of year I get as excited as the children.  Clothes, and especially the goodies I found on TpT this time. I'm very excited to use my purchases. 
It's time to shop, so any reason to grab a new bag, dress, or shoe has to be great.  My only dilemma now is that I still have post baby weight five weeks after of course.  So what is a young mommy/teacher to do.   I shopped :-).  Unfortunately shopping these days in the department store and having to stop and nurse is something I haven't gotten use to yet honestly.  I feel more comfortable at home, so its always a drive by shopping run.
I did manage to shop online of course for the classroom (WAY BEYOND WHAT THEY GIVE), myself and the children.  WOW the children!!!! I'm still getting used to having two daughters.  I must confess - on my nephew's birthday card yesterday I forgot to sign my LO's name. :-(  Yet I don't forget to add anything in the cart for her.
I managed to order things from Macy's, Kohl's, The Limited, and The Gap and Old Navy for the girls.  ( The Gap for me too)  Of course I found wonderful sale items however I wonder what else is better out there in cyberspace!  I may be done for now; however I would love to hear from you.
Where do you find your items for school?  What online stores?

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